Yeah but, I’m on a Mac

You’re an entrepreneur and you love your Mac. And, you’re an iPad or iPhone user too?
Then you know what you need?
You need this!

AE Desktop Splash

Why do you need that?

Well, that, my friends, is the missing link. AccountEdge is what you’ll install on your Mac (actually you can install it on your Windows computer too) to keep track of all your customers, your suppliers, your invoices, your inventory, your expenses–and a whole lot more.
But it gets better.

Once you install AccountEdge on your computer, you can then install—for free—this AccountEdge app on your iPhone or iPad.

AE Mobile Splash

And, all of a sudden, your data data is mobile.

And that means you can check your inventory,  view your customer lists, prepare a customer quote or send an invoice, all from your iPhone or iPad.

AE Sales Entry

To zoom in, click image

And no, you don’t need WiFi or 3G (or any other acronym) to use AccountEdge’s mobile apps.
However, once you do have access to the web, you can then go ahead and sync your data, from your iPhone, your iPad and your computer. And now all your devices are on the same—figurative—page.

There’s no fuss. No muss. And no missed opportunities.

It’s a no-brainer.

It’s easy.

And, if you do need help setting up AccountEdge. Call me. I’m mobile too!

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