Consulting services fall under three categories: On-going Advice; Software Services and Tax Services.

Advisory Services

Whether you run a small business, a professional services firm or a not-for-profit, you need a strong financial manager. Someone to bounce ideas off of. That’s where my services come in. I can help you prepare and interpret those pesky financial reports. I can help you prepare your business plan, I can read that crystal ball by running some “What If” analyses and I can bail out  your office administrator and bookkeeper when they’re stuck. In short, think of me as your part-time CFO. There when you need him. And not when you don’t. By the way, I truly enjoy working with charitable and not-for-profit organizations, so don’t hesitate to contact me for a free no-obligation chat. Maybe over a coffee. I like coffee.


Software Services

Need help taming Excel? Want to make QuickBooks sing? On a Mac and need business/accounting software that’s a perfect fit? Fret no more. I can help.  Since 1988 (gee that’s a long time!) I’ve been helping non-profit and businesses implement, fine-tune and tweak their software stable. If you’re stuck, get in touch. An informal no-obligations chat is absolutely free.



Tax Services

Yes, I love to teach. Absolutely, writing’s my thing. But hey, I’m an accountant and, what you probably don’t know is that all accountants (even writing-teaching ones) have a “T” gene. T is for tax. You probably hate tax. Absolutely understandable and I don’t blame you. I know why too. You don’t have the T gene. If you did, you’d be an accountant too. So, if you need your corporate T2 return prepared. If it’s time for your charitable organization to file its T3010, or if April 30th is looming large and you need to file your personal tax return. Get in touch. I’m happy to help.


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