Cloud? Desktop? What’s up with that?

Cloud DesktopCloud? Desktop? Which would you choose? Which should you choose?

Let’s face it, cloud computing is where we’re all going.
It’s where we’ve been too.
If you sync with Dropbox. If you store photos on Flickr. If you plop important tidbits onto Evernote, then you’re already using the Cloud.

But, what about your financial data?
What about the invoices you send your clients?
Or the payments you make to your suppliers?
Should you record all that in the Cloud?

It used to be easy.
Whether you ran a small-medium business. Or whether you managed a not-for-profit.
You had three choices: QuickBooks; AccountEdge; Or Simply Accounting (Sage 50 as it’s now called).
And whichever one you chose, they all worked the same way:

  • You bought the program of your choice;
  • Installed it on your computer;
  • Used it to create a data file;
  • That recorded all of your financial transactions;
  • All of which was also stored on your computer.

It used to be easy.
But then mobile devices came along.
And then the Cloud followed along,
And, suddenly, we’re all living in what Steve Jobs called “the post-PC era.”

And now, in addition to AccountEdge, QuickBooks and Sage 50.
We’ve got FreshBooks, and Wave Accounting, and Kashoo and QuickBooks Online (to name just a few).

Which leaves you with more—much more—to choose from.
Which also leaves you with a sometimes confusing matrix that cross-references criteria such as platform, software brand, and mobile device, not to mention other considerations such as collaboration, scalability and technical requirements.
Which usually leaves the average owner/manager just a little bewildered and just a little befuddled.
Which is why you should attend this free two-hour information session that helps you determine your best options.

Cloud VS. Desktop.
Which should you choose?
Attend this session and let’s figure it out together.

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