Alive and Well

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Thanks to the good folks at Invest Ottawa, who host my small business seminars, I am lucky enough to get a front row seat to this town’s entrepreneurial spirit.

What I mean is I deliver, roughly every quarter, two information sessions. One, called Cash Rules, illustrates the importance of proper capitalization and cash flow management. The other, named Cloud VS Desktop, discusses the various billing and accounting software tools available to today’s entrepreneur.

Just yesterday we delivered another round of these sessions. And from the people in attendance–people running brand-new businesses, people about to launch their businesses and people doing their due diligence, researching their planned businesses–the state of entrepreneurship is indeed a healthy one. It’s strong. It’s blossoming. And–to my eyes–that is an encouraging sign. We need entrepreneurship. We need dreamers and risk-takers and people who are willing to follow through on the What If’s.

And so let me just take a moment to wish all those newly-minted entrepreneurs in attendance yesterday the best of luck in their ventures. It will be a challenge, I’m sure. But I’m equally sure it will be a wonderful learning experience, a ready and steady growth path and, best of all, one hell of a blast!

Oh and, if you’d like to learn more about my information sessions, just click here.