Tax Tips Made Fun



This is cool.

The folk over at Freshbooks just put up a page. One that helps small business owners get ready for tax time. Updated regularly, their webpage, amusingly called Tax Time Learnatorium, serves up practical advice on everything from finding a good accountant to making sure you’ve got all your stuff ready.

And, unlike most tax-advice sites, the Freshbooks website is anything but boring. There’s some kick-in-the-butt motivational pep-talk, there’s some get-your-act-in-gear music riffs; there’s a ton of stuff! All of it hip, fun and cool.

But what else would you expect from Freshbooks? It’s the company I like to call “the surfer dudes of accounting.”

So if you’re lolly-gagging around your tax return. Check out Tax Time Learnatorium. ‘Cause, you know, those surfer dudes can make anything seem like fun.