Big Tax

BigTaxEventI just got back. From something called The Big Tax Event. Sponsored by Intuit Canada, it was like a numerical Woodstock; three days of financial frolicking and a peaceful love of number-crunching.

I was there to train accountants and tax-preparers on Intuit’s ProFile tax software. That was on Day 1. But Day 2, though, well Day 2 saw me sitting in the crowd, learning from some very heavy-hitters. Advanced tax professionals talking about advanced tax stuff.

You’re probably shaking your head, wondering why anyone would enjoy something like that.

And if that’s what you’re thinking, well that’s okay. Like I mentioned elsewhere on this site, it’s all because you don’t have the T gene.  And T” stands for tax. Just about every accountant, you know, has the T gene.

If you’re an entrepreneur, or a manager, or if you’re self-employed in sales and marketing, then you don’t have the T gene. But you don’t need it–don’t need the T gene at all. Just make sure you’ve got someone on your team that does, and you’ll be fine. Because, if there’s one The Big Tax Event reinforced. it’s that tax is complicated. It’s tricky.

But there was other stuff happening at that Big Tax Event. Cool stuff, interesting stuff. All of it designed to making your professional life–at least from a numbers perspective–a little easier, a little less complicated, and a lot more efficient.

Stuff like QuickBooks Online–a cloud program that lets you do every day stuff, like send an invoice, from any web-enabled computer, or just about any mobile device. There were other cool folk there too. Like Receipt Bank and HubDoc. Think of them as your own personal automated financial assistants that take over that tedious task of data entry. These apps will track your costs, your business expenses, your receipts–all without you needing to lift a finger. Well, just about.

Method CRM was there too. Contact management; calendar sharing; relationship building. Keeping your customers happy. That’s the kind of stuff Method CRM does.

And I’m only describing the folk I stopped to talk to. Yeah, there were other software vendors there. And I’m sorry I didn’t have time to approach them all.

Why not?

Well, you know, there was a tax seminar happening and I just had to sit in on that. Because, T gene.