Easy. Easy as Pie.

Wave LogoAs entrepreneurs we’re always thinking of how best to serve our customers. We want to provide great service at a fair price. We want to foster a solid working relationship. We want to understand their needs. We want to be upfront and honest.

Let’s face it, when it comes to customers, there are a ton of things—big and small—that entrepreneurs need to keep front of mind.

But I bet there’s one thing—one important thing—that a lot of entrepreneurs never stop to consider.

And that thing is: making it really easy for your customers to pay you.

Stop and think about that for a second. Think about your typical customer interaction. You do all the right things to win the job. You drive through the effort to deliver the work on time and on budget. And only once all of that is done, do you then take the time to send your customer the invoice.

So how do you do that? Do you snail-mail an invoice? Hand-deliver it? Email it? And then, once that’s done, do you just sit tight and leave the crucial payment phase to chance? Because, you know, before you even begin to sniff your payment, your client has to go through a whole host of steps: prepare a cheque, find an envelope—not to mention a stamp—and then remember to actually drop your cheque in a convenient mailbox.

It’s a bit of a hassle, all that, not to mention a routine that’s inefficient, time consuming and–worst of all–one that keeps you out of the loop.

Let’s face it, you’ve been proactive in landing the job and delivering the work, so maybe you need a payment portal that’s as effective and dynamic as you are. And besides, in today’s technologically-driven world, cheques, stamps and envelopes are about as proactive as floppy disks and electronic pagers.

So forget all that and consider this.

Imagine emailing your customer an invoice that has a big Pay Now! button on it. Your customer clicks that button, securely enters her credit card information, and… That’s it! Invoice paid!

Now imagine this.

Imagine that the same system which allows you to send out the invoice and facilitate its payment also takes care of the bookkeeping aspect of the whole process. Which means the accounting’s all done and there’s absolutely no need for you to think about those dreaded debits and credits that most entrepreneurs loathe and avoid.

And how about this? What if the software that powered all this cost nothing? Absolutely nothing?

Yep, free software.

Begin fine print… Well, free software yes. However there is a 2.9% service charge (plus 30 cents per transaction) to handle the credit card payment processing portion. Which, if you ever looked into accepting credit cards at your place of business, you’ll then know that that particular service is never, ever free. So what we’re talking about here is a fee that runs pretty close to what you’ll pay to any merchant credit card provider anyway. So you’re not really out of pocket, to be honest. …End fine print.

And here’s something else. What if all this functionality was accessible from any web-enabled computer, and on from your iOS devices too? Would that be cool?

Okay, let’s take a step back and recap. Automated invoicing, instant payment-processing, built-in fully-featured bookkeeping & accounting and mobile access from any iOS device. All built in and ready to go. And all of it free (except for that little service fee mentioned earlier). That would be pretty cool, wouldn’t it?

Well it does exist and, while some of it (like the credit card processing) is new, the rest of it has been around for a bit. So it is tried, tested and true. And, here’s something else that it is too. It’s pretty damn cool!

It’s called, by the way, Wave Apps and it really does include all of those powerful features, most of which are, unbelievably, absolutely free. So, if you’re an entrepreneur, you need entrepreneur-level software. And right now, I’ll have to admit that I’m pretty impressed with what Wave offers. So go ahead, check it out. Then please let me know how cool you think it is.

In the meantime, all I can say is… Well played Wave! Well played!